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Financial Planning Abroad

Moving to another country can be a daunting prospect and quite often reviewing finances can be way down the list of priorities and certainly below booking the removal van and visa applications!

However, reviewing what you have and what you want it to achieve for you can be paramount so that you avoid making tax errors that could lead to nasty surprises later.

We look carefully at your situation with you making sure we have everything detailed, down to values in Bank accounts and pension ‘pots’ you have collected over the years. We can then explain the different taxes you might come across in your new country and give estimates as to how much they might be. Recommendations may follow to move, change or close investments and pensions so that they fit into your new country. Sometimes, things like ISA’s are a round peg in a square hole outside of the UK and certainly almost always taxable!

Pension planning is an important aspect of moving; whether you are retiring early or planning to work. Getting that right and making sure any State Pension contributions are up to date and will continue to remain so in the future, will certainly help you breathe easier in the future.

Making a Will and understanding the importance of different inheritance rules from country to country will mean you can have peace of mind in the future and control over your assets as you would wish. Certainly, there are many planning tools that will ease the mind and having the right professional guide you, is all too important.

We are by your side every step of the way, at a pace you are comfortable with and all fees and charges are transparent so that you are sure of the service you are paying for. Most importantly, we want to be by your side as you commence and continue your financial journey so that we can help you plan and adjust as you settle into your new life abroad. For us, maintaining regular contact and building new relationships for the long term is as important as it is for you.
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