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Sheltering Investments from Tax in Europe

In the UK, there are various ways to shelter investments from tax in the form of ISAs and Investment bonds and by using annual tax allowances which are available.

Throughout Europe, options will vary from country to country and investments like ISAs, which are tax free for UK tax residents, are typically taxable elsewhere!

However, there is one investment vehicle that is tried and tested and is tax efficient in most countries and that is an insurance based investment bond.

Whilst the name may vary from country to country, the principle remains the same inasmuch that as an insurance-based contract, it will enjoy tax advantages which come in two main forms. Capital invested within the bond can be actively managed and any income generated, or gains realised which remain in the bond, will be sheltered from personal taxes until such time as withdrawals are made. At the time of a withdrawal, it is only the gain or profit element of the withdrawal that will be assessed for tax.

When considering the investment strategy, a suitably managed investment portfolio can be established in line with individual attitudes to investment risk, capacity for loss and personal objectives. This could be a single fund for smaller investments, a model portfolio or a bespoke discretionary managed portfolio for larger sums.

Some countries have variations and additional benefits which we will consider on an individual basis, but some of the key individual benefits by country are described below. (This content should not be considered to be either advice or a recommendation and is provided for general information only.)
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